Mobilizing for Upcoming Contract

Your field representatives from all Union Departments have completed the area job sweeps, covering our entire jurisdiction, and have gained a full market profile of the percentage of projects and work being built by the Carpenters Union. This data has been compiled by the Research Department and will be invaluable in preparing us for negotiations. In addition, your negotiating team, including the rank-and-file members, have successfully completed their Contract Negotiations training from Michigan State University. In November and December, we held 35 Contract 2023 Workshops. Thank you to those who attended these Workshops to learn our current strength in the construction market, the mechanics of the collective bargaining process and most importantly to bring your ideas and suggestions to your negotiating team. Your negotiation committee has reviewed every suggestion and comment from the membership and will be crafting proposals based on these priorities. Negotiations for a new Master Agreement will begin in early January. 

Just as important, we will be laying out public actions to show the industry that we are united and stand together as we negotiate a strong and fair contract. By getting involved you will ensure that your voice is heard at the negotiation table. 

Putting the Plan to Build Union Power into Action 

Training the staff of your Union as quickly as possible is one of my main priorities. Since August, we have held cross department staff meetings to lay out the goals and vision of this administration. We have also held trainings for all staff on effective communication. In addition, all departments have returned to live staff meetings, all of which include trainings that are relevant to the work we do, including job tracking, technological skills, contract enforcement and all aspects of organizing strategies. Your Organizing Department is back hitting the street with dozens of ongoing campaigns, taking the fight to the nonunion contractors. The Carpenters In Action (CIA) has also returned to full activity, including monthly trainings at the Local Unions. A key to our successful contract negotiations is a vibrant Organizing Program successfully taking on the nonunion contractors at every level. It is vital that we continue to grow from strength to strength in the construction industry. Please sign up for the CIA and join the fight.  

In addition, please sign up for one of our new Union Action Committees to help us effectively build Unity, mutual aid and empowerment for all Union members.

Brothers and Sisters, I look forward to continuing to engage with you at your Local Union meetings and job sites!