Nor Cal Carpenters Union

With a membership of over 37,000 skilled craftspeople, the Nor Cal Carpenters Union (NCCU) with our 22 affiliated Local Unions is one of the largest organized voices in the construction industry.  Our mission is to build power for our membership to ensure each member can build a career with dignity that provides the best wages and benefits possible.  Through effective and determined organizing programs, political engagement, contract enforcement and strong rank and file participation we have the strength to protect what we have and just as important expand what we control.  Organizing the unorganized while taking on employers that undercut our standards is the foundation of our Union.  Our rank-and-file membership is our greatest asset and is the top priority of the NCCU. 

We also strongly value our relationship with our signatory employers.  There are many industry issues and initiatives where we have alignment with our signatory base, and it is important to work together wherever possible towards our mutually beneficial interests.  Part of this partnership is our Training Programs.  Each year the Nor Cal Carpenters Union and our signatory contractors invest upwards of $45 million in training our members, providing opportunities to grow, and build more work opportunities in our rapidly changing industry.  We believe each dollar spent is an investment in the future: for our members, our Union and California as a whole.  

The NCCU is proudly affiliated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC) and actively supports the goals of the UBC, which include being the highest skilled crafts people in the construction industry, organizing the unorganized, leadership development, political engagement and obtaining 70% UBC market share. 

CIA – Carpenters in Action

Since its founding in 2008, the Carpenters in Action (CIA) program has worked alongside the Organizing Department in the daily fight for Carpenters throughout Northern California. Whether speaking at City Hall or joining everyday campaigns, members of the CIA are involved with the fight for Carpenter issues.

These campaigns have generated billions of dollars of new work hours for the membership and have led to the successful organizing of major contractors. Rank-and-file participation at the Local Union level has been a key element to our collective success. Members who join their Local’s CIA are trained in all aspects of organizing. Trainings include organizing tactics, public speaking, political involvement and legal strategies.

P.O.W.E.R – Political Outreach with Extraordinary Results

Much of the fight for our collective future is determined by decisions made at the city, county, state and federal level.  To build power for our membership in Nor Cal, we must not only hold our elected representatives accountable but also push forward good legislation based on Carpenter issues. POWER educates and enlists each member to maximize their influence in the political sphere.  By backing pro NCCU candidates and, just as important, developing and running our own members for office, we can make sure our voice and strength are being brought to where the power lies.  

F.O.C.U.S – Focused Outreach Caucus Uniting Sisters

We are a caucus of committed female Carpenters and other skilled Trades Women dedicated to our Union, our crafts and the communities we live in.  FOCUS will develop high levels of engagement in these areas to maximize our influence and power throughout the construction industry, building unity and taking action to secure work opportunities and respect on the jobsites.  Through high levels of training, mentorship and mutual assistance we will work for and demand equality and dignity to ensure an equal voice and opportunity at all levels for the Sisters in the NCCU. 

T.R.U.E – Training, Recruitment, Unity, Empowerment 

The NCCU recognizes and celebrates that our membership is a diverse workforce and our mission to build power for all Union members requires unity.  While recognizing that progress has been made in our Union’s long struggle for equality, our industry still has vast room for improvement.  We recognize there are unique problems facing various groups, and TRUE will offer a path to continue the struggle for equal treatment, inclusion and dignity.  Whether it be through mentorship, support and two-way education, we will not rest until we have achieved equal opportunities for all our Brothers and Sisters, in education, work and life.

V.A.L.O.R – Veterans and Leadership Outreach

Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and Coast Guard, you've watched our backs now we’ve got yours. VALOR is a program in which our veterans are honored and supported throughout our Union, including the Helmets to Hard Hats program.  VALOR is helping our Military Veterans embark on a new career in the construction industry as Carpenters, Pile Drivers, Millwrights, Industrial and other affiliated trades.  VALOR is mentoring, educating and training our service men and women on viable work opportunities.  You've given so much to keep our Nation safe, through VALOR we can give back to you. As our veterans receive education through one of four Training Facilities throughout Northern California, they can utilize the GI Bill to better their life. VALOR is committed to working with our members starting with their apprenticeship and offering ongoing support throughout their careers. VALOR is uniting our Military Veterans with the rest of the Nor Cal Carpenters Union Family.

Each One Reach One

Fluctuating work hours, high cost of living, extensive commutes and other challenges based on social pressures can leave Union members feeling vulnerable and unstable. As a result of these societal challenges, we are seeing ever increasing suicide rates, substance abuse and depression affecting construction workers like never before.  Our Union was founded on the principles of mutual aid, and we believe each of us has a duty to look after our Brothers and Sisters.  The NCCU strives to build bridges for members in trouble to find the help that they need.  Our Each One Reach One committee will educate, train and provide the necessary tools for each of us to provide support and help each other weather the storms of life.