V.A.L.O.R – Veterans and Leadership Outreach

Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and Coast Guard, you've watched our backs now we’ve got yours. VALOR is a program in which our veterans are honored and supported throughout our Union, including the Helmets to Hard Hats program.  VALOR is helping our Military Veterans embark on a new career in the construction industry as Carpenters, Pile Drivers, Millwrights, Industrial and other affiliated trades.  VALOR is mentoring, educating and training our service men and women on viable work opportunities.  You've given so much to keep our Nation safe, through VALOR we can give back to you. As our veterans receive education through one of four Training Facilities throughout Northern California, they can utilize the GI Bill to better their life. VALOR is committed to working with our members starting with their apprenticeship and offering ongoing support throughout their careers. VALOR is uniting our Military Veterans with the rest of the Nor Cal Carpenters Union Family..

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